New Year… New Me?

Welcome 2018!

NYEIt’s a New Year and I know some of us have really been looking forward to letting go of 2017 and moving into the New Year. For some of us 2017 was a rough year that we just want to try and move past for others of us there are some exciting experiences coming in 2018 and we just can’t wait. Whatever your reason is for ringing in the New Year and however it is you ring it in there is always that question everyone asks the very next day, “What’s your New Years resolution?” Now some of us are die hard New Year resolutioners (is that even a word) and some of us think they are a joke. Where am I on this spectrum? Well, I am right in the middle. I love making New Years resolutions and having a goal to look forward to conquering in the New Year. The reason why is because if I do conquer that goal then I feel like I conquered the year no matter what! Now when I’m talking New Years resolution I am not talking about goals like “I am going to change completely who I am as a person in this year,” because let’s all be honest you cannot change who you are in one year. Also, there is no actual attainable goal there. It is so vague and broad that you wouldn’t even know where to start! I believe a New Years resolution should be an attainable goal that you can take steps towards and see the progress happening.

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There is actually a really interesting science video on how New Years Eve normally ends up being a major let down. Part of this let down is actually reflecting on the past year and how that can be a huge mood killer if it didn’t go as you had hoped. Yup, leave it to the science teacher to see if there is a correlation! Check it out here: Why New Year’s SUCKS!


Anyways, what am I getting at here? Well I have created my New Years resolution! Actually, I made my New Years resolution for 2018 back in November after I had conquered my New Years resolution for 2017! What that is you might ask? I conquered my first half marathon! I had been talking about running a half marathon for years and by years I mean literally like 5 years so instead of continuing to say “I want to” I made it my resolution for 2017! It was a great and awful 13.1 miles , but that’s a topic for another post.

Any who, it was after that 13.1 miles that I decided I wanted to do it again, however, this time I wanted to do it at LEAST 4 times one in each season! During one of those times I want to break 2 hours. It was my goal for my first half, but I fell short of that by about 18 minutes.  To me this is a super attainable goal that I can take steps towards and see the progress I am making. I will conquer at least 4 half marathons and I can make it under two hours!

Believe Journal

To help me take steps towards my goal and help keep me on track with my resolution I got this thing called a Believe Training Journal. I actually just received it today and I am super excited to put it to use and be able to keep track/see my progress! Once I get it up and going I will do a review on it, but as of now I have only heard amazing things about them! Also, they are super hard to track down and go out of stock quick!

You can order it on Amazon here: Believe Training Journal

Well there is what I have to look forward to conquering in the year to come and I can’t wait for you guys to be a part of that journey!

What are your thoughts on New Years resolutions and have you set any yet?



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