Running and Wine?

You’re probably asking yourself a blog about running and wine… don’t those two  contradict themselves? Aren’t you supposed to not drink alcohol and train? Well the answer is yes they do kind of contradict each other. Let’s face it though I’m not a professional runner. I’m just another person who loves running and trying to accomplish my own personal running goals. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t go home after a run and chug a bottle of wine. When I’m at the climax of my training or nearing my race date I barley drink any wine. During the other points of my training I maybe have a glass or two and call it good. I also always make sure I drink plenty of water before enjoying my glass of wine. Got to stay hydrated!

Now wine is not for everyone. It has a very distinct taste to it that some people are not fond of and to each their own! I, however, simply love the taste of a nice refreshing glass of wine. Just like most people though my wine taste has changed tremendously, total 180 degrees, since I first started out with sweet, and cheap, Barefoot wine! As I have matured so has my wine taste and it continues to mature as I try new types of wine. Well, that is when I do try new types of wine. To be honest my husband and I are REALLY bad at trying new types of wine when we have our favorites that we always seem to go to. I mean it is so hard to try a new rosé, and I have tried, when you have your favorite! However, we do plan on changing that with a new company out there called Tasting Room where they use your preferred wine taste and send you a bunch of different wines from their large selection of wineries they are partnered with. Then you rate them and get totally new wines based on their rating! How cool! Also, living in the PNW, specifically the Yakima Valley, we are smack dab in the middle of wine country! Meaning there will be a lot of opportunities to try a bunch of new wines coming up as wineries begin opening up for the season.

Any who, here are three of my favorite wines. Each one a different type of wine as well! I’ll include the excerpt from the actual winery and also my take on the wine! I do want to give you all the heads up as I like drier wines over sweeter wines.

Intrinsic: Cabernet blend




Tasting Notes

This wine has a refined nose with aromas of leather and cherries that are truthful to Cabernet Sauvignon in Washington. The flavors are layered with tones o

f blueberry jam, pomegranate and chocolate. The texture is rustic, yet silky, with a unique savory and inviting finish. If you want to know more about this wine visit it’s website here: Intrinsic Wine



Ashley’s Take

This wine is excellent and I believe could go with almost any hearty meal! To me the pomegranate and cherry taste stands out the most, but blend so well together with the other flavors! It is on the drier side as it is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, but isn’t to dry for those of us who are still exploring deep red wines. If you are going to have this wine with a meal I would suggest staying away from pasta with a white sauce, seafood, and Mexican food as those all have very distinct tastes that would clash with the wines notes. Overall, this is one of my go to red wines when celebrating an occasion as it is on the pricier side from as low as 17$, WOOT WOOT Costco, to as high as 30$ at some grocers.

Chateau Ste Michelle: Chardonnay (Indian Wells)

Tasting notes

Our Indian Wells Chardonnay delivers an appealing tropical fruit character typical of warm sites like the Wahluke Slope. I like this Chardonnay’s ripe pineapple and butterscotch flavors and rich, creamy texture. If you want to know about this wine visit it’s website here: Chateau Ste Michelle

Ashley’s Take

This is one of my favorite white wines and I actually happened upon it by

accident! I was going for Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay, but grabbed this one by accident and in this case it was a good accident! Phew, I guess that’s what I get for just looking for the familiar label and not actually reading it. Anyways, this wine is great to go with chicken, pork, or some really good Gouda! This is not a wine I would pair with pasta just because of the large underlying oak taste, which is better than Chateau Ste Michelle’s Chardonnay in my opinion. This winery is actually on my list to visit as I only live about two hours away from it! This is a wine I drink on the regular as it is cheaper in price anywhere from 12-15$ per bottle at your local grocer.

Sofia: Rosé




Tasting Notes
  • Alluring and refreshing, our Sofia Rosé is perfect for easy-sipping on a lazy afternoon.
  • Elegant blend of Monterey County Syrah and Pinot Noir.

Feminine and stylish, with a fragrant perfume of fresh strawberries and lavender, this rosé explodes with ripe, juicy flavors of cherry, raspberry and citrus zest. This refreshing wine is reminiscent of the popular dry rosés served in seaside café along the French Riviera. It’s crisp, delicate, and elegantly fruity with just a kiss of spice on the finish.

We typically harvest the grapes for our Sofia Rosé at a lower brix to ensure we get a light wine that pairs elegantly with food. For color extractions, the grapes are cold-soaked for 48 hours before the juice is separated from the skins. If you would like to explore this excellent wine you can visit it’s website here: Sofia.



Ashley’s Take

I saved the best for last. If I received a case of this wine I would not be mad at all and not sure how long it would actually last me! This is a wine I can drink at any time throughout the day on any day. Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t go the best with some foods such as Mexican food, Chinese food, or Thai Food. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great glass afterwards. Not only is the bottle itself appealing, but when you take a sip of this wine the very distinctive and intriguing taste of blood orange draws you in even more. Sofia is a bottle I have in the house constantly. My house is not complete without even having the option to have this wine. It IS that good. You can pick this wine up at any grocer from 14-20$ a bottle. It is a must try for any rosé lover.

Disclaimer: I am not in ANY way a wine expert even though I would like to think I am. These are merely my opinions on my favorite wines I enjoy.

And on that note!









4 thoughts on “Running and Wine?

  1. Agreed, I love wine more than running, but it’s hard to stay healthy and fit without doing cardio excercise. Se, most definitely, a little wine, and as much running as you can handle. Cheers 🙂


    1. I hear you, Julien! Running and wine are two of my favorite day to day lifestyles! Just cause your competing, training, or wherever you are in your exercising journey doesn’t mean you can’t induldge!


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