Down With the Sickness

sickyI know I have been MIA the past few weeks, but as the title says I was literally down with the sickness. One of the downsides to being a middle school teachers is literally ALL of the germs! No exaggerating there at all! As it being my second year of teaching I thought I was less prone to actually getting sick, especially since I barley got sick last year, but boy was I wrong. The first week it was a bad case of bronchitis then the second week it became bacterial in which I got a bad sinus infection and my ear became plugged (MOST ANNOYING THING EVER.) All of that has finally cleared up after having a nice relaxing five day weekend full of rest, which also means now I’m back up and running! Let me tell you going from training every single day, other than rest days, to an automatic halt is pretty defeating. Especially since it was a long halt. Luckily, I got a good 10 mile run in before I got sick!

Now you’re probably thinking, “So you were sick… we all get sick. What’s the point?” Well I’m curious and have a question for all of you runners or athletes!

My question for you is what is your go to remedy when your sick, especially while training? I’ve always ran through colds or small sicknesses, in which I am able to, and it seems to help me get over my cold or sickness so much quicker! Now, this wasn’t the case this last time as I tried a small and two and a half mile run at the beginning of week two and felt like a truck ran over me the next day. However, running through sickness is my normal sick remedy. What are your thoughts on running while sick? What are some of your go to sick remedies? Let me know by taking the quick survey below or leaving a comment!


*New blog post will be up this Friday!

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