Hanging up my Running Shoes: Snowshoe Edition

Running and running and running… it’s what I do especially in the midst of training, however, every now and then I like to hang up my running shoes and mix it up. In the winter time that becomes a little bit harder, because well obvious reasons such as the gross gloomy, cold weather. Although it’s cold outside and sometimes down right nasty that doesn’t stop my love for being outdoors! So instead of being cooped up all winter, I would go insane, I have found a few awesome activities in the winter time!

Now, I don’t particularly like winter. It is actually my least favorite season, because I HATE the cold and dreary days. I live for the sunshine! Great thing about the Yakima Valley is we are known for having at least 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. Perfect! However, I was tired of having to wait for winter to be over to do something outside. It all began with some friends in high school trying to teach me to snowboard and my then boyfriend, now husband, also loved the sport. Now I honestly did try and I was becoming pretty good, but then life happened and college kept me busy and broke. So that then kinda went out the window, because when it came around to going again I totally lost trust in myself and hated going cause I was awful (let’s be honest it’s also pretty scary.)

That’s when I decided to try something different, like snowshoeing!  I love hiking and I love being outside so it made sense to me. Plus then I don’t have to trust myself going toe-side and looking up a mountain. I tried it and my love grew for it quickly! Seriously if you haven’t tried snowshoeing and you love hiking I totally recommend it! It is such a great work out and so peaceful, plus it gets you out of the house during the winter time!

Anyways, the past few weekends (before I got sick) I went every Saturday for about a month! It was a nice little escape from reality that kept me grounded while work and life got a little crazy. It is a great girl date too, which is just so happen what mine always seem to be.

Even while training for a certain event it is nice to take a break and do something a little different that is still a great workout! Snowshoeing is a great way to do a mix up here during the winter! Here are some awesome pictures from some of my trips.



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