Falling off the Wagon

Well, I’m back again! Yup, I fell off the my blog wagon and while we are at it I also fell off of my running wagon. However, the picture actually tells you what really happened. I jumped off the wagon and got onto a new wagon!


We bought a house! Yup, we are officially home owners and boy oh boy has it been an experience. No one ever warns you how much time and energy the house buying process is. Also, no one tells you how it works. Literally, there should be a class in high school or at least college to help with you know real world stuff like how to buy a house. So many acronyms and words that I had to learn to understand what our broker was telling us. Anyways, all of March and April was dedicated to buying a house and working through that process, as well as moving into our first home. Now, you might be thinking well what about May and June? I feel like all I need to say to that is I bought a house. That pretty much sums up where I have been.


Things get crazy when you’ve been painting all week and it’s 2 am!



Any who, I did not totally give up running while the whole house buying business was going on. Actually I ran a lot in March because you know stress from buying a house called for a lot more runs. However, April was a sad month. I had signed up for the Yakima Canyon Half Marathon for April 7th and was so looking forward to it! Unfortunately, I did not get to run it. Now it’s not because I wasn’t ready. I had trained all of February and March to compete in this half marathon, but that was also the same week we moved into our new house. Before we had moved in we PAINTED EVERY ROOM in the house and had a few things to spruce up.  We are talking about staying up to 3 am and waking up at 6 am, because we had one week to get all this done and moved in before spring break was over. My half marathon was supposed to be that Saturday. Now I full heartily wanted to do it and was still planning on going through with the run, but then my husband told me to listen to my body. I know if I would have gone out and pushed myself I would have either gotten sick or really hurt myself soooooooo I didn’t. Yes, I’m bummed but that is nothing to dwell on! There are more races out there and I can always run that same race next year.

Speaking of more races….

Even though it has taken me awhile to get back on my blog it didn’t take me long to start running again. I had new running routes I had to discover!!!




In May I also had two races I partook in (race recaps coming soon) and found tons of routes in our new neighborhood. As summer has hit I also picked up a new workout to do along with my running. I’m so excited to tell you guys about all of the amazing things that have happened and are still to come. Now that I am on summer break I plan on spending a lot of time writing on my blog as well as spending a lot of time doing the things I love. So don’t forget to check back in!





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