Hi all! I’m Ashley!



I spend my weekdays as a hard-working teacher in Yakima, Wa to a bunch of awesome sixth grade scientists.  Middle school is adventure in itself, but being a middle school teacher is an adventure and a half. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Other than being a teacher I am also a wife to my amazing, and by amazing I mean AMAZING, and super supportive husband of two years! He has been supporting me since all the way back in high school!


Jaxon is on the left and is our “youngest” at a year old. Kallie is on the right and the “oldest” at almost two years old. If you watch Greys Anatomy then these two names might sound familiar. No shame.




Although, we may not have actual children yet we do have two fur-babies who might as well as count as children! Yup, we are those dog parents. The best things in life are rescued ❤








In the free time I do have (*woot woot* summer break) I can be found doing anything that involves the outdoors with my wonderful husband or some of my friends. From kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, traveling, to of course running. I love to be surrounded by nature no matter the time of year and luckily living in the amazing PNW I have more than enough opportunities to do so!



Now that you have gotten to the end and you know all about me you’re probably asking yourself “Why a blog?” Well, when I am not doing one of the many things in my life I enjoy unwinding by putting in my miles. Through this blog I hope to share my joy for running as well as my running journey and how it helps me unwind at the end of the day. Sometimes a glass of wine or two helps!